I had lost interest in intimate relations with my husband until Viacrème. I thought something was wrong with me. Now we are intimate like when we were first married. I can’t wait until our vacation. I will pack the Viacrème first!

June – 43 years old

My husband is so loving now that I have found sex fun again. He is like the “young buck” I married years ago.

Stella – 58 years old

I had a full hysterectomy at an early age and due to that [went through] a lot of physical changes that I wasn’t mentally ready to deal with. Viacreme has put that smile back on my husbands face. When somebody asks ‘does it work?’, my husband will smile and say, “Oh yeah does it ever!”


My husband has found new life with Viagra. With Viacrème for me, our life is now perfect!

Liz – 42 years old

I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical and a little nervous, but the minute that package arrived I eagerly gave it a try. I was so pleasantly surprised! I felt results instantly. It certainly spiced things up for us. After being married for ten years with two children, whenever you can throw in a little something special it just makes for magical evenings! In my opinion anyone who hears of Viacreme is going to want to try it or certainly share it with their partner. The more you use it, the more powerful the sensation.

Kathy from NJ

I have not had feeling like this for fifteen years. I love it! My husband is the happiest I have seen him in years.

June – 37 years old

Already having gone through menopause, I think most women can appreciate that ‘syndrome’. Once I had gotten the Viacreme I can tell you this product has truly improved the quality of my life. It has helped my husband and I extend the beautiful intimacy that we have always known as best friends, put the bounce back in our step and just the way we look at each other. I really am thrilled with the product.

Aurora – a young 50 years old – NY

Viacreme has saved my marriage! My wife can’t get enough. She can’t do enough for me. I love it!

Greg – 42 years old