How does Viacreme™ work?
When applied, the active ingredients in Viacreme™ stimulate the tissue surfaces, resulting in increased blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels in the clitoral area. Response time varies with each individual woman. To activate the pleasurable tingling, warming effects of Viacreme™, sexual stimulation of touching and rubbing in the clitoral area, and other activities of foreplay may be required.

Can a woman expect instant results from Viacreme™?
No. Although some women report immediate sensations, most women who clinically tested Viacreme™ reported progressively improved responses through three or more successive uses of the Viacreme™.

How strong is Viacreme™?
The actual concentrations of the active ingredients in Viacreme™ are quite dilute, but because a woman’s genital tissues are extremely sensitive, Viacreme™ will stimulate a vigorous tingle.

How is Viacreme™ used?
The Viacreme™ is squeezed from the unit dose pillow onto your fingertips and applied to the vaginal area. Reapply the Viacreme™ as needed.

What can I expect when I apply the Viacreme™?
You can expect to experience an almost immediate intense warmth and tingle of your genital tissues. Some women describe the feeling as a “cool burning” sensation. The feeling typically lasts approximately ten to thirty minutes, with some women reporting a persistent awareness of the Viacreme™ well in excess of an hour after application.